Monday, August 13, 2012

Rather late than never

So whats it been...One week since I last wrote?

Lets recap:

Train was late coming in on last Monday morning.

I have spent the last 2 weeks in NY, at my chosen proprietary trading firm.
I've been demo trading, and killing it! The first day or two I had my Buying Power loaded at a few million, and was really overpowering this market. I then decided to reduce my buying power to a more realistic $10 000.
Now I have been trading as if I had real skin in the game. Still not feeling the emotions yet, but that will certainly be there when I go live!
Traders around me in the office, seem to be making money, and offer inspiration. If only I could get to their level of trading ASAP!
I feel I am getting into the trading thing pretty quickly, or at least ahead of my targeted schedule.

I have been looking for a more permanent residence as well. I have had a great stay out in Brooklyn. The commute into the office and back again is very manageable and only takes about 30 min.
The commute allows me time to listen to podcasts. The trade related podcasts that I have been able to find are those of Michael Covel and Rob Booker.
I have also got my hands on a book by Ari Kiev, but haven't been in the reading mood. The Olympics have kept me from reading, which I know is a bad excuse, as the Olympics won't make me money in the market. The Olympics will only show me how great athletes perform! Maybe I learn something from them?

Haven’t been enjoying home cooked meals, so I am not taking in all the necessary nutrients via vegetables and meat. But then again vegetables are supposed to be eaten by animals, like rabbits?

I had a great weekend, and I should go live on Monday!!

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