Friday, November 9, 2012

Two week update

Not a bad week all in all. Starting to get the feeling.

Last week we had hurricane Sandy, a tragedy!

Markets were closed Monday (10/29/'12/) and Tuesday (10/30/'12/).

My trading station

Wednesday, I still needed a DVI cable to connect my third monitor. Thursday my monitor arm's/ stand arrived, so I set that up the afternoon.
Monday (11/05/'12/) and Tuesday (11/06/'12/) of this week, the markets were all awaiting the elections that took place on Wednesday (11/07/'12/)!
Thursday and Friday have now been good days in my opinion.

I have had a good week this week, have only gone home with 2 red days and 3 green days.
The green days outweighed the red days!

Have mostly been trading earnings plays. I have also been following so-called stocks in play.

I am continually looking to refine my trading style. This week I have focused on my entries, trying to identify setups that offer me the best entry points.

I feel positive, but then again, if you end the week positive, you gonna feel good the weekend!

Movember moustache is coming along well!
Pics are posted most evenings on twitter!

Enjoy the weekend.