Friday, July 27, 2012

Another trip to NYC

In NY:

Rear view

Sitting on Broadway street, New York... Watching the people take photos of the famous bull! I can understand most of the photos that are taken, but what's with the photos of people posing underneath the bulls gonads? I will be spending a day or two in NY and hope that upon my departure I will be a step closer to learning to trade and actually trading with real $'s! 

Why this post:

It must be the $1 cup of coffee that's got me into this writing mode again?
Maybe I'm missing my family, a few hundred miles away, or it's just that I've got time to put something out?
It's probably the fact that I don't feel like positioning myself under the bulls scrotum and the fact that I've never been a great poser for photos? I'd also need to ask a stranger to take a photo of me.

Thinking about it, I'll rather just sit here and think what could be and what will be? 

Finished up the two days in NY, and now on my way back home.  I have a decision two make, but am sure I will make the correct decision about my trading career.

On the bus:

Supper/ dinner

Supper/ dinner was great! Thanks for asking. Two of these packets of crisps/ chips, and a chocolate bar, and I have had an eloquent sufficiency!

Asian people on the bus. Eating chicken and noodle soup, I guess, with chopsticks and have managed to mess half of it in the bus, smells great! How do you eat that stuff with chopsticks?

African American (AA) people on the bus. A family consisting of a mother, her son, grandfather and another male relative, but not the father! The mother is "quality"! She can't speak properly to her young son, so needs to use profanities to get her point across! She says to him that she is gonna shove him in da face if he don't listen up, y'all here'in me! Grandfather, is pretty well built, sitting with earphones on, trying to sleep, yet bumping and grinding in his chair! This geriatric thinks he is still on his twenties!

21:00, on the bus, all is quiet and calm, except for our AA passengers who are now close to home and are hungry! Adults laughing out loudly, children shouting and disturbing the peaceful Asian travelers who only ask to catch some R&R on the bus!

AA mother - "They are'a so hungree day a gunna eeeta snake, if deh isa'na food by da house, right? "


Exercise in NY:

Walked 1.9 miles/ 3.05 km in under 30 minutes today.
Shirt was drenched upon arrivalat the bus departure "lounge", and it felt like everyone was watching the perspiration pour off of me, probably hoping that they were not going to be seated next to me on the bus!

Home safely, decision made, back to NY next week to start "TRAINING"!

Have a great weekend.

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