Monday, July 23, 2012

Waiting and therapy

Another day...
and it has been another day of waiting for answers that have not been forthcoming. I can also not expedite the process! All I want is to be given the go-ahead, so that I may make the necessary arrangements, to start my training and trading career!

Can I trade?
Can't I trade?
Who knows?

Will I be successful, YES, I believe so! 

I keep convincing myself that I will be successful and that I can do this!
I am ready to go, and have been ready for a few weeks already, but I am only being held back by administrative issues!
How will I know, if I don't get the chance to sit down and try?

Augusta National Golf Club
It's like having travelled hundreds of miles... arriving at the clubhouse at Augusta National Golf Club, after planing the trip for months, pulling many strings and used numerous influential contacts to get a round at Augusta... wearing a freshly pressed golf shirt... polished golf clubs beside you... brand new golf balls, ready to be pounded... but for some ridiculous reason, you are not allowed to tee off! Lets say, they just can't find your name on the tee-sheet in the club house! No matter how much you talk or plead, its an issue that "they" need to resolve, and you are left to wait! You know you can play golf, but can you play and tame Augusta National Golf Club? How will you know, if you don't get the chance to tee it up and try?

So, with all my spare time on hand, I decide to mow the lawn between imminent thunderstorms. Sitting on the couch and waiting for answers won't get me anywhere. Again, back where I'm from, you have someone who will come-in once a week and mow your lawn, trim the edges, and do the laborious gardening for you, at a minimal wage.

Here (in America), you either pay top dollar for garden services, or you DIY. So meet the gardener, who is, "almost a trader" to be. Mowing the lawn is very therapeutic, and allows me to over analyse everything that is going on at the moment! Due to "therapy" today, I was able to put out this post and convince myself that today wasn't a complete waste of time.

My New Therapist

I am no closer to trading, yet the lawn looks good, thanks to old faithful who is now my new therapist!

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