Thursday, August 16, 2012

Live Trading

OK, I have started trading and now need to keep a journal.
I am trading the minimum number of shares, 100 shares at a time.
I am not adding to my position yet.

Monday (08/13/2012):
I made: ($12).
Emotions: I was down. Felt OK, now that I had real skin in the game.
Traded: stocks under $10, with big volume.
Tuesday (08/14/2012):
I made: $7.
Emotions: Felt good, that’s because I was positive for the day.
Traded: stocks under $10, with big volume.

Wednesday (08/15/2012):
I made: ($9).
Emotions: Never felt good at the end of the day. Later found out that there was NO volume in the market and that the range was extremely tight, tightest its been in months.
Traded: (Big names, $F) stocks under $10, with big volume.
Thursday (08/16/2012):
I made: $20.
Emotions: Was very nervous as I entered the trade. Biggest trade I have made since going live. Was encouraged/ advised to add to my position size, but never thought it prudent. Was happy to bank my profits and never traded again the day. I was done by 10:20am. There was however an opportunity to enter $FB again, but lacked the conviction. I had watched $CSCO for a break out, but never reacted in time.
Traded: $FB.
Friday to follow!

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