Friday, August 17, 2012

Good Friday

Friday (08/17/2012):
I made: $65
Emotions: I had just arrived at my trading station when my “mentor” called out a short on $FB, prior to the market open. I hesitated and missed the first opportunity. I was later reprimanded, but it was for my own good. Was nervous prior to the market open, as I was already short $FB shares.
Was trading $FB, in and out with 100 shares. At one time I did add to my position and was short 200 $FB shares. There was a call-out to short $MRVL, and I got short for a quick scalp!
Sometimes you just have to get stuck in, and go with it. I suppose that is the best way to learn.
I thought I was done by 10:20 am, but kept trading the rest of the day. Gave back some gains later in the day, but made them up just before the close. Overall, I had a great day, by my standards.
I also found out that its not easy to not look at my P&L the whole day!

Traded: $FB, $MRVL

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