Monday, August 20, 2012

New week, lets trade...

Back in the office today, after a great weekend with the family.

Only had 2 beers the entire weekend. 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.

Played a bit of golf on Sunday. Took a Warrior Driver ( ) for a test drive on the golf course. Really liked the way I hit it. I now need to compare it to the big brands out there.
Warrior Tomahawk Golf Driver

I think this is the driver I tried the weekend!

Commuting into the office on a Monday morning, usually leaves me with a headache the entire day.


Monday (08/20/2012):
I was: positive
Emotions: Was short most the morning in $FB. The price never pushed down as far as I/ we thought! $FB turned around and headed up most the day. I Missed playing $FB long. Need to remember that stocks can and do go up and down.
Added position size, and tried to always hold a position to the short side.
I looked for other shares to trade, but lacked the conviction to enter positions. I somehow didn't see movements or potential movements. My risk/ reward just wasn’t there!
Traded: $FB
See you all tomorrow.

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