Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday post, late!

So what am I gonna talk about today (yesterday, Thursday)?

Took a few trades, four different stocks traded today, broke even!
Feel more positive as my system that I follow or have been wanting to follow with full commitment, seems to be working! I took a couple of trades from other sources. These sources were "trading room" recommendations and/ or twitter! I now I shouldn't, but I didn't want to miss out on any trade! Not wanting to miss out is surely a beginners mistake!

So I lost on those trades but made it back on my own "calls"!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow (today Friday), another day, and another chance to see that I can do it!

I also need to give my spouse a detailed report of my week! If I am convincing enough, I may get the go ahead to carry-on trading?

I should also consider my fitness!

Need to get fit!

Have always tried to get some exercise, but now all the exercise I get is from climbing steps to catch the train or subway! I also haven't been eating home cooked meals, so I am not getting all the necessary nutrients in!

As soon as I am able to settle down, I promise I will change these bad ways! Even though I don't choose current lifestyle this!

Useless info: The above post was composed while on the LIRR.

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