Friday, July 13, 2012

In the beginning!

Welcome to America!

Well, here I/ we go. 
I have been in America for some 5 months now, having arrived at the beginning of this year, 2012. 

I have been threatening to start this blog, but haven't got around to it! I feel the frustration building, and I have time on my hands, so I am going to see how far I get with this blog. 
I will probably jump around a little, as I think of or see things that interest me, or that I am not familiar with. This blog will be mostly about my trading experiences, yet I may also divulge a little?
I've gone through the entire process of getting "up and running" so I/ we had to get a new mobile phone and number, Social Security #, bank accounts had to be opened, medicals were done, drivers license had to be passed, etc. 

I've also started watching American sports to "Americanise" myself, sports such as, MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, Nathans Hot Dog Eating contest, etc. I now need to start supporting some teams! While watching these sports, I have started sampling the various beers that are available in America, yet I still haven't found a favourite or a preference for one. Any suggestions and or recommendations will be tried out, in due course. I have also sampled a few beers after the occasional round of golf! I don't seem to remember which ones I like!

Of the first beer tasted!

I have also started understanding how the markets fit together. In piecing together the trading industry I have to look at what securities are being traded, and for what reason. I am mostly a technical analyst. I also have to learn all the stock symbols and which stocks can be traded.

I'm acclimatising, and getting used to the humidity, which was nonexistent "back home".

I have taken and passed my series 56 exam, so as to join a prop trading firm.

I suppose that that's it for now.

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