Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Green Day


Boulevard of broken dreams
"I walk a lonely road..." has something to do with my trading career and experiences thus far.
Thank goodness for my family!

I have had two green days, Monday and Tuesday. 

Feeling good about myself and my trading discipline.

I have been taking a few trades, one a day to be exact, from the online trading room posts! The other trades have been my own ideas/ finds. I need to to keep coming up with trades myself for the time when I am no longer part of the online chat room.

I traded six different shares today, still keeping volumes small. I am really not risking too much on a trade, so at the moment I am relying on the home runs to add extra green to my account. I figure that if I can stay profitable and consistent, I can slowly increase my my risk size and not risk blowing my account out, too early! At some or other stage I will need to either add additional funds to my account, yet I don't know where theses funds are going to come from at this stage!

Have a great evening.

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